Top 4 Software For Laser Cutting

With the current launch of our Laser Cutting service, it may be interesting to take a look at a few of the software applications you could use to produce remarkable styles! 

As a suggestion, the SVG format is the one matched for laser cutting, so take care when producing your files. Without more ado, here are our leading 4 of the very best Software applications for Laser Cutting.

Adobe Illustrator

Illustrator is a vector-based program that outputs laser cutter friendly. ai files. It includes plenty of tools and shortcuts that make creating a file more effective.

What File Format Do Laser Cutters Utilize?

Windows Bitmap

The only image format that the laser cutter accepts is the Windows Bitmap (BMP) format. The bitmap should be monochrome (1-bit). The laser beam burns the pixels row by row in the bitmap– the laser is on for black pixels and off for the white (background) pixels.


Inkscape is a totally free and open-source vector graphics editor. Its cross-platform support indicates that you can utilize it whatever your operating system; the reality that it’s totally free makes it ideal for those on a spending plan.

The open-source and totally free alternative to Adobe Illustrator, Inkscape provides you with the same possibilities. Whether you wish to produce a brand-new style from scratch or fix an existing one, all the tools are there to make the job simpler.

Just like Illustrator, you will need a long time to discover to utilize the software application to its fullest. 

Even if a lot of performances prevail to Inkscape and Illustrator, some of them have various names and uses. Beware of any confusion between the tools when utilizing both.


SketchUp performance is boosted by the number of plugins offered for the software. Whether it is to help you with complex modelling operations or to use your brand-new export formats, it is highly recommended to take a look at whatever you can find.

On one layer keep all the edges you want to cut and on another keep all the edges to etch. Next, create 2 Dxf files, one for each layer, by concealing the other, and then feed it to the laser cutter.

Solid Works

SOLIDWORKS is used to develop mechatronic systems from beginning to end. At the preliminary phase, the software application is utilized for preparation, visual ideation, modelling, feasibility task, prototyping, and evaluation management. 

The software application is then used for style and structure of mechanical, electrical, and software components.
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